An open-source lover, a student partner at Microsoft, Google’s Developer Student Club Lead and the Tech Lead at LearnBlue.


Age: 20

Lahore, Pakistan

Saad Irfan
Saad is a sophomore currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences at the University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan.

Having a penchant for latest technologies, Saad is a writer at TheDevCouple where he has reviewed products of multi-million dollar companies like Kinsta and WP Engine. When not doing that, he loves to dabble with React.js, Gatsby.js and Node.js in his leisure time.

He has also been participating in the ‘Hacktoberfest Challenge’, the biggest Open-source Hackathon for two years in a row.

Lastly, Saad describes himself as a TV Show fanatic with a keen interest in Photography

Fun fact, he met our Executive Director, through a group for TV Series they were both members of!