CEO of Z. Industries, International Athlete, Real life Gen Z Aquaman, graduating Class of 2020 high school student and current Head of Innovations at LearnBlue.


Age: 18

Queensland, Australia

Ruben is an innovator who aspires to study mechanical and mechatronic engineering whilst training to attend as a swimmer to the 2024 Olympic Games.

He is obsessed with the ocean and has, in fact, been accused of being Aquaman. Involved in sport from a young age, Ruben has several international achievements in both pool swimming and surf lifesaving.

Ruben also uses his ‘superpowers’ to prevent drownings on Australian beaches as a qualified lifeguard. He has since also volunteered for the Australian Rural Fire Service and State Emergency Service.

Ruben, ironically, also has a passion for innovation in robotics, artificial intelligence and automation which led to the founding of his brand, “Z. Industries”, at the age of sixteen, to industrialise his innovations.

He prioritises his efforts to design scalable technologies that will make the greatest positive impact and improve lives around the world, rather than line his pockets. And yes, he does aspire to be Tony Stark. (Who doesn’t?)

While it’s ironic yet memorable to see ‘Aquaman’ feel most at home surrounded by technology, Ruben’s obsession with the ocean and passion for innovation is not his defining traits.

In his local community, Ruben is undoubtedly known for his curious and adventurous spirit, kindheartedness and care for others regardless, and utter integrity and honesty – apparently, even when the truth hurts.

Oh, and he has an unapologetic love for pineapples. (How could I forget the pineapples?)