Recipient of the ‘YESA Award of Excellence’ in Entrepreneurship and named among the ‘35 Global Teen Leaders Class of 2020‘.


Age: 19

Benin, Nigeria

Joshua is a Global Teen Leader, Social Entrepreneur and Climate Activist, pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Statistics at the University of Benin, Nigeria.

Joshua founded the non-profit organisation when he discovered his allergies to fumes and other air pollutants. As a changemaker, he soon realised the need to initiate conversations around environmental pollution and raise awareness among Gen Z about Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

He was named a 2019 Young Innovator and has voiced the concerns of his generation at the Teens Code Conference 2019 and Young Entrepreneurship Summit and Awards as a panelist.

Joshua likes to sing as well as act and therefore, he is unapologetic about his new-found love for TikTok.

Not to forget, he equally loves emojis, memes, stickers.