A Clinton Global University Ambassador, Youth in Landscape Champion, Millennium Fellow, and Head of Research and Policy Design at LearnBlue.


Age: 20

Lagos, Nigeria

Joshua Borokinni
Joshua has engaged with diverse audiences and key stakeholders on how to mitigate the impact of climate change due to his commitment to the goal of bringing Climate Conversations to the forefront and influence behavioural-cum-political action across Africa.

With a keen focus on Gen Z and millennials, he leverages the social media to instill environment-friendly action in their lives whilst workinh with relevant stakeholders to develop strategies, craft designs and implement participatory and inclusive programs aimed at creating adaptive systems for poor, marginalized and vulnerable groups through the ‘Borokinni Joshua Initiative’.

As a member of Resilient40, Joshua has contributed to policy documents, roadmaps and climate models shaping COP26 and multilateral relations between UK and African states on Climate Resilience.

Joshua holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Physiology from the University of Benin, Nigeria.
He is also passionate about literature, meditation, history, rap music and intellectual conversations.