A Senior Literature Student at a French High School in Dubai, UAE, passionate about securing justice to people all across the globe irrespective of their diverse identities. He is Director of Operations at LearnBlue.


Age: 17

Dubai, UAE

Eric DeGersigny
Eric is admitted for a license in Political Science of the Sciences Po University, France, who believes in making larger social impact through small actions. His primary motivation behind joining LearnBlue is to engage his Generation the Gen Z in the creation of a Sustainable Environment for a better future.

An enthusiastic lover of Literature, one can always find Eric completely engrossed in a book and when not reading, he his Creating Content. Not only this, he is equally loves photography, his Instagram has a ton of his shots.

Lastly, and most definitely not the least, Eric is unapologetic about his love for Cinema and TV Series, and by his own admission, “the love of Game of Thrones is one of my areas of expertise!”