A Yale Global Scholar, Ambassador for Finalstraw and a rising senior at an American High School in Shanghai, Caroline is Co-Founder and current Programmes Director at LearnBlue.


Age: 17

Shanghai, China

caroline tsai
Caroline is a rising senior in high school, previously started an Amazon business at the age of 16, a sustainability advocate who strives to apply her previous experiences and passion towards helping those around the world and locally in China.

Living in China, she noticed the effect of the air quality in China on the health of many and has since been especially interested in sustainable energy and cleaner atmospheres. Her firm belief in the potential of the Gen Z and importance of social media in creating awareness and innovative solutions has drawn her to LearnBlue.

Her love for animals initially drew her to environmental issues at a young age, and her eagerness to learn has enabled her to continue exploring the cause.

When she is not working with the LearnBlue team, she is playing with her French Bulldog Biscuit, or is in the kitchen cooking and baking all sorts of goodies!