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Joshua Gabriel Oluwaseyi

Executive Director
Joshua Gabriel Oluwaseyi is a Nigerian Climate Activist, Creative Director, Internationally acclaimed Social Entrepreneur, Tech Enthusiast and Founder, LEARNBLUE.
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Swati Chauhan

Director Creative Writing
Fascinated by nature and social sciences, Swati is a proficient contributor to our organisation's content creation and strategy, studying the various topics in Economics.

Oscar Dohr

Director of Global Community
Oscar is Founder of Smart Vaccine ID and works in NGO Consulting and Management. Oscar is currently with LEARNBLUE as Director of Global Communities.

Tanya Singh

Director of Creative Writing
Tanya (they/them) are a published poet, essayist, educator, editor, & visual artist — navigating life as a transgender non-binary individual in India with struggle and resistance.

David Onilude

Director Of Technology
David is Founder of Tech Now Global, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science, David is a serial volunteer for sustainable development causes.

Noora Belcaid

Creative Writer
Noora is a sophomore at the Sciences Po Paris University. Volunteering at various NGOs, Noora writes to reflect her desire to create a better and sustainable future for all.

Rahul Piratla

Creative Writer
Rahul is a trained classical Indian vocalist and an aspiring writer and artist. Having obtained the IB Diploma, he is currently serving in the Singapore Armed Forces, and plans to study Business Management at the National University of Singapore.
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Dave Allen

Lead Recruiter
Dave (he/him) serves as the Lead Recruiter and Director of Volunteering for LEARNBLUE, connecting local environmentalists with global change with Master of Science degree in Comparative Literature at the University of Edinburgh.

Hawaw Abubakar

Social Media Lead
Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Abubakar Hawaw, 21, is a social media strategist, manager, content writer, and graphics designer with over three years of experience building brand strategies, creating content and managing social media pages effectively.
Our Generation

We Are Generation Z

AKA ‘Digital Natives‘, AKA ‘The Plurals‘ are individuals born after the year 1996. We make up 32% of the world’s population, that is there’s about 224 Million of us and we are the size of a country and WHEN WE ALL TAKE INDIVIDUAL ACTION, WE MAKE CHANGE!

Wanna Join This Awesome Changemaking Gen Z Squad?