One Plant One Family Campaign

It starts with One Plant, from One Family

#OnePlantOneFamily AKA One Plant One Family is an environmental campaign spearheaded by Indian Changemakers Lingaraj Bmath and Jay Prakash Anand, in partnership with LearnBlue Global, to call attention on the need for every family involvement in ensuring the Earth continues healing post Covid-19 by planting trees.

On EarthDay 2020, we marked the 50th celebration of this event which calls attention to our Earth’s Global Pollution Crisis, but 2020 EarthDay had a significant difference, as articles by NatGeo and other agencies butressed on the reducing air pollution in certain cities worldwide, adapted as the Covid-19 silver lining. we can only but ensure this healing process is sustained.

Why the Pledge?

By signing the pledge below you agree to continue growing your plant till post Covid-19 afterwhich it can be donated to an organisation or project of your choice or you could keep it in your direct environment.

We will make sure you keep the pledge by sending bi-weekly mails encouraging you to share plant progress updates and joining the social media challenge using this toolkit. Saving the environment means saving the next generation and you don’t have to be an activist to do that.

one plant one family
YOU can Plant a Tree in YOUR Leisure Time. #OnePlantOneFamily