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"Said the river: imagine everything you can imagine, then keep on going."
— Mary Oliver

Swati Chauhan
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Fascinated by nature and social sciences, Swati is a proficient contributor to the NGO’s content creation, studying the various topics in Economics. 

Swati Chauhan, is working as the Co-Director of Creative Writing at LEARNBLUE. She recently completed her undergraduate degree in Economics from Miranda House, University of Delhi. Keenly interested in research, she is currently working as a Research Assistant which enables her to explore the multidisciplinary nature of social sciences. 

Although she always held a fascination towards nature, Swati is especially passionate for climate action, poverty reduction, achieving quality education and gender equality, and conservation of marine resources. Growing up in Delhi, India, she realized the repercussions of air pollution, extreme poverty, and stark inequality that continues to exist in the 21st century, modern societies. Her love for writing and research with a vision to raise awareness on these issues and create a positive change led her to join the team at LEARNBLUE in January 2020.

Swati is deeply inspired by the power of words and literature in transforming the world. In her leisure time, one can find her in libraries exploring the world through books or collecting quotes, or in the college gardens appreciating every bit of nature. She may also be engaged in discussions on the polity and economy with her family, peers, and professors. 

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