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“What matters is what appears in your soul. Not what your eyes see and what you can name”
- Zdzisław Beksiński

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Rahul in 2021

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Rahul is a trained classical Indian vocalist and an aspiring writer and artist. Having obtained the IB Diploma, he is currently serving in the Singapore Armed Forces, and plans to study Business Management at the National University of Singapore. 

Rahul, 19, is deeply passionate about the arts, with a Diploma and over 10 years of experience in Indian Classical Vocal Music. He has performed in front of live audiences from the age of 9, and has won several prestigious accolades. His artistic skills earned him the role of Lead Designer for his school’s Design Club, and he organized several digital art workshops, and even designed his school’s mascot. Having completed the Kumon English Program, he regularly contributed to its monthly newsletter for four years and went on to intern as an English tutor in Kumon Singapore. 

He is deeply inspired by the impact and influence of the arts on the masses, and hopes that as a writer, and as a witness of the injustices that plague our modern world, he can inform and educate the world on the present state of affairs, through his skills as a creative writer. 

Rahul perseveres through his military training, and hopes that it will allow him to develop discipline, maturity, and courage. He is positive that his skills and experiences, not just as a soldier, but as an artist, will allow him to bring something new to the table, here at LearnBlue.

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