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The Conversation Starter


After witnessing disturbings sights of drainage water canals blocked with non-biodegradable waste affront the National Television Authority studios and on major open drainages at the Obalende roundabout in his city, Joshua took photos and tweeted a thread explaining the dangers of such practices to personal health and impact on life below water, which lead to this.
Together, The Power in Your Clicks


late 2019, a major climate crisis was witnessed by millions around the world. Parts of the Amazon Rainforest was set on fire to create land for cattle rearing lands, amongst other reasons with Brazilian President Bolsonaro at the helm of the crisis and failing to curtail it. But the fire and #AmazonFire wasn't always on mainstream social and news trends.
The Social Media School... Kinda


From locally conducted interviews in Lagos and Benin City, Nigeria across several schools, public and private, we aggregated that only 3 in 8 young adults had a good enough idea of what the UN SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals), or The Global Goals are. To inspire individual actions against sustainable development issues, young people especially in Sub Saharan Africa need to understand what the global goals are and why they should be concerned and take action.
Gardening in Quarantine


Cue 2020, post AmazonFire, Covid-19 Pandemic hit and we all were stuck at home, and with months of no commercial air travel and shut company and factory doors, mother Earth breathed even if for just a moment, little drops in CO emission, crystal clear canals, wildlife in our cities. Gotta admit it was beautiful and sad. People were laid off but holding on to the silver lining that is the hope that it wasn't too late after all to reverse global warming.
Do They Ever Learn?


WHY? That was all we could think.Regardless of why, WHAT could we do as we saw images that left us feeling a range of emotions from sad, disgust, pity, fear and anger! We focused that anger on action, we read up as much info on the 'incident' that led to a crude oil contain tanker getting stuck in the Mauritius home to some of our endangered marine biodiversity, tourist hotspot and locality with predominantly fishermen and tour guides professionals. What happened and more important what did we contribute to educate, and activate solutions.
COP26 and Eco Consciousness


Months leading to COP26, we launched a 3-day media tour campaigned aimed at encouraging virtual participation in COP26 by people in often local communities of EDO State, Nigeria through hour-long radio programmes. With an aim to communicate the effects of climate change caused by individual action and government policies, here's what we learnt from callers.

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