The Story Of Us - LEARNBLUE 'Global'

the beginning

From Allergies to Action

Late 2018, our founder, Joshua discovered he had severe allergies to pollution fumes and other air pollutants. Upon researching the global impact of pollutants especially Nigerians’ health, he learned that over 100,000 people in his country died from air pollution and related complications each year.
The action

1 Tweet, 1 Million Reach

In 2019, our founder co-pioneered and lead a campaign to raise awareness on environmental pollution in his community on Twitter and Facebook, reaching over 1.5 Million people on social media within two weeks and inspired a series of cleanups, (#ForACleanerNation) leading to recycling over 400000 pounds of non-biodegradable waste in Lagos, Nigeria.
What Next?

The Founding - March, 2019

Now almost 3 years old, LEARNBLUE is inspiring 5,000+ students globally to take action on issues they are passionate about, running massive online campaigns on global and grassroot crisis to achieve our vision with teams present across 6 continents and 12 countries.

Some of our campaign include participating in the #AmazonFire campaign garnering 170,000+ views, 700000+ Reach on social media and over 4,500 signatures on a petition.
Our Brand Name

What is 'LEARNBLUE'?

The noun, LEARNBLUE was created to encompass all that we aim to achieve as an organisation. ‘LEARN’ depicts unconventional education, awareness, and advocacy (all of which are primary actions in our mission).

BLUE’ however was chosen to represent the tone and attributes of our Generation Z, we chose Vivid Blue a bold, yet calm colour often mistaken for purple, connoting the Gen Z way of defying norms.
Our Brand Identity

Landscape, Wave & Ring

The LEARNBLUE Icon Logo has undergone seven iterations since the first design in March 2019… which we admit was just a cropped copyright free photo, deffo not a design.

Now we have our own identity designed by our friends who run Imaginact, the Peagital team. The Icon is made up three components and three colours associated with the LEARNBLUE Brand often seen on social media and across this site.

We are consistently growing our team, would YOU like to join us?