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Oscar Dohr


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Oscar works in NGO Consulting and Management and is the director of LearnBlue’s global community. 

Based in Switzerland, Oscar contributes or leads both regional and/or international operations and teams for RFK Human Rights Youth, YOUTHTOPIA, the Swiss Red Cross, Project Green, smart vaccine ID and Exyon Digital Technologies. He is also a member of the International Youth Council and is involved in other projects around the globe. 

Oscar values and is engaged in projects related to youth empowerment, efficacy and accessibility of medical products, human rights education, environmental protection, and emerging digital technologies, such as blockchain-related products. 

In addition to freelance work and projects in some of these areas, Oscar founded the NGO smart vaccine ID™ in 2020, which works on tracing and tracking the supply chain of vaccines and other medical products to ensure effective distribution of such products, especially in underprivileged areas. Most recently he founded Exyon Digital Technologies to provide consulting services to enterprises and auction disruptive smart contracts with applications in future fragments of the metaverse.

In his freetime, Oscar plays rugby, skis, sails, plays electric guitar and enjoys spending time in nature and with friends. He is currently completing his International Baccalaureate Diploma in Zürich. 

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