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With the global pause on all but the tech industry, we saw slightly clearer canals, slightly clearer skies, and a drop in carbon emissions as vehicles and flights, some of the worlds largest emitters, were barely functional, we called it a recovery phase for earth and it should that we could in fact still reverse the effects of climate change and what better way to encourage individual action than planting while home in quarantine.


Launched, April


Social Media Reach in 3 Weeks


Families Engaged



Data Gathered with Social Listening Tools, mention.com, Facebook Analytics & Google Forms

A silver lining during a pandemic

One Plant by One Family

Educating the public on the benefits of trees through social media video and engaging individuals with responsibility for their plants through an 'eco-pledge'. Reaching over 12 countries and co-pioneered by Indian changemaker, Lingaraj Bmath, #OnePlantOneFamily has now morphed into a tree planting marathon series launching world environment day 2023.

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