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Noora is a sophomore at the Sciences Po Paris University. Apart from her association with various NGOs, her writings are a reflection of her desire to create a better future for all through sustainable development.

Noora Belcaid


Noora in 2021
Nationality France
Education Po Paris University
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Noora Belcaid is a French global citizen and Content Curator at LearnBlue Global. She is currently a second-year at the Sciences Po Paris University in Menton, France, in which she studies social sciences, specializing in Economics and Sociology.

Noora has always wanted to somehow have an impact on her generation through writing, and it is to fulfill that goal that she joined LearnBlue as a Content Curator. She also believes that spreading information to all Gen-Z is a key to enabling sustainable development and creating a better future. At present, she is actively engaged with the Art Association of her university, as well as other local NGOs. In her individual capacity, she is looking for ways to link art with forms of activism, for the environment or for human rights, for instance. 

Besides her interest towards writing and humanities, Noora is a lover of books and all kinds of arts. When she is not working, she can always be found painting or reading a classic piece of literature.

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