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Because #It[Change]BeginsWithUs

Creative Design Team

Team members will be responsible for designing and creating visual concepts for the various needs of LearnBlue across its social and other forms of media.

Web Development Team

Web developers will handle the coding, design, and layout of the LearnBlue website according to company’s specifications. The applicants must have some basic knowledge about graphic designing and computer programming to ensure best user experience on the website.

Marketing Team

Their principal task will be to market the non-profit nature and mission of the organization through storytelling. The team shall function to increase the visibility of LearnBlue so that more Gen-Z members and/or other people from the global community can connect with our mission and be a part of it. This team will serve as the face of LearnBlue, coordinating and producing all materials representing the organization

Creative Writing Team

Content creators will be responsible for all written content to be used for LearnBlue’s internal organizational activities and LearnBlue global programs. 


Fundraising Team

Their primary role will be to organize events, develop donors, and grant writing. The team members shall create effective strategies for maximizing donations and develop a plan for raising money for various LearnBlue initiatives.

Chapter Leads

The chapter leads will be organizing and leading chapters in their communities. They will be accepting guidance from the regional leaders in order to work effectively. We hope to use chapters to allow our message to reach as many people as possible on a grassroot level.