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“We launch the boat, we yearn for the journey: it’s always the sea that travels.”
- Mia Couto

Dave Allen

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Dave (he/him) serves as the Lead Recruiter and Director of Volunteering for LEARNBLUE, connecting local environmentalists with global change. 

Born in upstate New York and currently living in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Dave’s expertise is in academic and content writing and editing, with focus on the intersection of world economic systems, environmental activism, cultural theory, and literature. 

He has recently completed his Master of Science degree in Comparative Literature at the University of Edinburgh, graduating with distinction. His recent research focused on trans-oceanic literature from the Indian Ocean rim, connecting literary themes and dissemination of contemporary novels with literary, ecological, and economic theory. Previously, he has investigated postcoloniality and nationhood in Scottish folkloric collections, a project which earned him the President’s Award for Undergraduate Research at the University of Albany.

His interests span from improv comedy to folk music, but Dave’s true passion is environmental conservation. Growing up near reservations of American indigenous people and the Adirondack Mountains, he found identity and symbiosis with the natural world from a young age. In his work at LEARNBLUE, he hopes to be a voice for his generation as we confront the climate crisis. 

He currently works as a primary and secondary tutor, freelance editor, and in the hospitality industry. Prior to this, Dave has worked for the New York State Departments of Health and Education, UAlbany Office of Student Engagement, and Camp Good Days and Special Times. He plans to pursue a law degree in the near future.

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