The coronavirus pandemic brought upon us so many things. For me and many others, it became a time for reflection, strategic thinking, and deep study on things of personal and professional importance; one that saw me explore, in theory, the … Read More

The dynamics behind oil spills: causes, consequences and prevention

On July 25th, the japanese MK Wakashio ship hit a coral reef on the Southeast coast of Mauritius. The vessel split in two, threatening to release the 200 tons of diesel and 3800 tons of heavy fuel oil it contained. … Read More

The Disaster of a Lifetime: The Mauritius Oil Spill

“If there is magic on this Planet, it is contained in water.” Loren Eiseley Mauritius, an Indian Ocean island nation which is located about 2,000 kilometers off the southeast coast of the African continent, has been blessed by Mother Nature … Read More

Will we and our Governments Never be the Same?

“These are strange times”, is what we tell ourselves as most of us spent months indoors, while we watched the news be submerged with one topic and our normal life hit pause. Will this pandemic have an important effect on … Read More

3 Alarming Ways in which COVID-19 is Impacting the Lives of Women

After more than seven months into the never-seen before year 2020, to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives is nothing but an understatement. After claiming at least 720,000 lives worldwide and sickening around 19 million people globally, … Read More

“The World Will Never Be the Same”… or Will It?

Part 1: An economical overview of the situation It goes without saying that the pandemic has deeply affected our world on many different levels. The sanitary crisis brought with it an economic one. How this will evolve will determine what … Read More

Now is theTime #ForNature: Celebrating the World Environment Day 2020

History of the World Environment Day  Almost five decades ago, the Conference on the Human Environment, or the Stockholm Conference, was held from June 5-16 in Stockholm (Sweden). The aim of this first major conference on environmental issues was to … Read More

5 Continents, 5 Powerful Women

An insight on the lives of some lesser known figures across 5 continents, 5 powerful women.  Liberia for Africa, India for Asia, Indonesia for Oceania, Russia for Europe, and Venezuela for America. Eva Peron, Mary Wollestonecraft and Simone de Beauvoir … Read More


To many, the question of how a single threat can spiral into a global crisis that challenges global governance, economic stability and human existence remains unanswered. Humans are forced to a new normal.  A new normal  of overlapping shocks –  inequality, hunger, insecurity, … Read More

Reality Check- Revealing what Feminism truly means

A movement shrouded by clichés and misinformation A few days ago, I asked my 14 year old brother what feminism meant to him. He immediately evoked top-less riots and misandry. And unfortunately, most people’s perception of feminism is limited to … Read More