COVID-19 and the Trail of Disruption 

At the time of writing, global coronavirus cases have already exceeded the grim milestone of 11 million with more than 535,000 worldwide deaths. Ever since it was officially declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, the COVID-19 pandemic has massively disrupted our no longer normal lives in unpredictable ways. While the overall impact of the novel coronavirus is yet to be ascertained, some of the effects are already visible. 

Apart from the social, political and economic challenges; the coronavirus induced lockdowns and subsequent near-total closures of educational institutions have impacted over 60% of the world’s student population and millions of additional learners

In the words of Rohan Venkataramakrishnan, Associate Editor at, “… the mostly unforeseen coronavirus crisis is all-encompassing, dominating every other development.”

Undoubtedly, the world has been going through a sea change. All of us are questioning our long held beliefs and observing our surroundings as if we are seeing them for the first time. And yet amidst all the transformations, one thing has managed to remain unchanged: the power and potential of youth to create a more sustainable, equitable and prosperous future for all.

Hope for the future: Teens World Empowerment (TWE) 

Dahunsi Oluwanifemi, 17, is one such example who emerges as the hope of creating a better world. A Nigerian social Changemaker, Dahunsi is a strong believer in #SynergyForImpact and dreams of building a sustainable tomorrow through skill acquisition. In order to give shape to his vision of creating a generation of digitally empowered youth, Dahunsi founded Teens World Empowerment (TWE). The youth-led, non-profit organization, TWE provides direct support, mentorship and programs to upskill and create work ready young people who would in turn impact their communities.

Teens World Empowerment

Dahunsi Oluwanifemi, Founder, Teens World Empowerment 

While many organizations have struggled to manage their operations owing to the significant cash crunch during the time of pandemic, Teens World Empowerment has been constantly working with other young individuals and organizations to provide teenagers with a series of online learning opportunities. When most of the educational institutions have been mandatorily shut to contain the spread of COVID-19, the team at Teens World Empowerment has been sacrificing their time and efforts to ensure that the young generation does not suffer in the aftermath of the novel coronavirus disease. 

“I’m building a nation where young people don’t depend on resources to thrive but create solutions to their own problems using the information and skills they’ve garnered.” 

Dahunsi Oluwanifemi, Founder, Teens World Empowerment

TWE Online Empowerment Program 2.0

After successfully organizing its first-ever free and certified virtual youth empowerment program for digital skill acquisition in the month of April which benefited over 4,400 people, Teens World Empowerment is back with the second edition of the Online Empowerment Program. Focusing on “Harnessing the Power of Digitalization for Future”, TWE Online Empowerment Program 2.0 is an opportunity for the young people to freely access more than 18 courses and develop soft skills for their career advancement. 

“Stop waiting for the resources. Instead, create your own resources and put them to the greater good of the society.” 

Teens World Empowerment

A plethora of digital skills, including Programming, Website Designing with CMS, Coding, Graphics Designing, Website Designing, Journalism, UI/UX Designing, Video Editing, 3D Animation, Broadcasting, Project Management, Robotics, Content Creation, Al Concept, Digital Marketing, CV Writing (How to find and apply for Global Opportunities), How to start up a Business – What business to venture into in 2020, Academic Writing, Success in the Agricultural Field, Mobile Photography, etc. will be taught under the program by highly qualified and experienced individuals free of cost

Indeed, this is the kind of shift we need at the moment. 

Teens World Empowerment

Why join the TWE Online Empowerment Program 2.0?

Teens World Empowerment certification can be used for the professional profiles of the program participants. Exceptional students, based on merit and assessment, will be given internship opportunities and a workshop will be organized for all the students at the completion of their course to provide them guidance about the skills that they have built during the two-weeks long program. 

The TWE Online Empowerment Program 2.0 is a chance for the young people to be mentored by globally recognized individuals, social entrepreneurs including, but not limited to SSA to The Governor of Cross River State on Youth and Student Affairs, Mr. Emmanuel Etim and many other amazing and honorable Changemakers. 

Teens World Empowerment

We, at LearnBlue, encourage all the teenagers, youngsters, and everyone in general to join the online soft skill acquisition program. This will not only enable them to use their time in a productive manner, but also to carve out their own future plans. After all, the 21st century of digitization is mainly driven by the technology wherein no one can overlook the importance of having a developed skill-set. 

So without any further consideration, register at: