Our Story

Our Mission

We are a Gen Z led nonprofit empowering young leaders to create sustainable and integrated solutions to global issues. With a particular focus on inspiring Gen Z contributions towards effective solutions for Climate Change, Sustainable Development in Reducing Ineualities, Clean Water through Quality Education worldwide.

Climate Action
Reduced Inequalities

Our Vision

We envision a generation of digital natives who are very aware of the SDGs and actively engage in activities that positively affect the sustainable development of their immediate communities and the world with focus on persistent global issues as global warming, quality education and environmental health. 

Our Story

In 2018, our founder, Joshua discovered he had severe allergies to pollution fumes. Upon researching the global impact of pollutants especially Nigerians’ health, he learned that over 100,000 people in his country died from air pollution and related complications each year. 

He co-pioneered a campaign to raise awareness on environmental pollution in his community, which reached over 1.5 million people on social media and inspired a series of cleanups, leading to recycling over 19 tonnes of non-biodegradable waste in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Our founder took action because pollution personally affected him, and he wanted to create a way for young people to take action against issues that directly impacted their lives. 

In March 2019, LearnBlue was founded as a ‘global nonprofit organization working to build a generation of do-gooders, activists and innovators’. Now over a year old, LearnBlue has inspired 2,000+ students globally to take action, with team members spreading across 4 continents and 6 countries. 

We run massive online campaign on global crisis as it relates to our mission such as participating in the #AmazonFire campaign garnering 150,000+ views on social media and over 4,500 signatures on a petition encouraging Brazil’s President to take immediate action.

Quality Education
Life Below Water

How We Make and Measure Impact

Our organisation has been active for a year and has reached over 2,750,000 individuals mass of Gen Z via Social Media campaigns and ‘Call to Actions’.

As we are for Gen Z and by Gen Z, we understand how much time WE spend on Social Media, hence we decided on leveraging the platforms to reach the most remote Gen Z with Internet Access.

We’ve also considered members of our Generation who lack access to internet, hence why we established Chapters, to engage with ourselves at more grassroot levels, tackling Global issues that affects us with Local approach.

85%Social Media
55%Physical Outreach
95%Call To Action