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Change Begins With YOU - LEARNBLUE 'Global'


We work with individuals in different countries to make sure that young people learn the fundamentals of Global Goals, apply their knowledge to solve issues in their immediate communities and promote INDIVIDUAL ACTION.


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Our Generation

We Are Generation Z

AKA ‘Digital Natives‘, AKA ‘The Plurals‘ are individuals born after the year 1996. We make up 32% of the world’s population, that is there’s about 224 Million of us and we are the size of a country and WHEN WE ALL TAKE INDIVIDUAL ACTION, WE MAKE CHANGE!

The gen z squad

Who Runs It All

Spread globally across India, Switzerland, Nigeria, United States of America, France & United Arab Emirates, these are the Gen Z individual who are often unseen but are drive ing the work we do. THEY ARE LEARNBLUE.

Our Values


At LEARNBLUE, we constantly collaborate and work together as a team to foster creativity and work to achieve our mission of educating Gen Z on the Sustainable Development Goals. We share ideas, conversations, and a vision for a better world.


Every LEARNBLUE member is dedicated to the goal of inspiring our generation to create sustainable, integrated, and inclusive solutions to global issues. We are committed to initiating conversations about the world's biggest problems, including climate change, increased inequalities, and environmental destruction.

Community Building

We work with communities and for communities. Our community consists of our present and past employees, partners, collaborators, supporters, activists, and of anyone who believes in the power of community to create change for the better future for all.


More than anything else, we believe that the change begins with individual action. At LEARNBLUE, we do not consider establishment of hierarchies as important. Rather, we stress on the fact that the change begins with us. #ItBeginsWithUs


LEARNBLUE is a global community with members from all over the world. Even as our work and operations are entirely virtual, we make sure that each team member is given utmost respect. We endeavour to build a safe space for our community where we are not afraid of sharing our viewpoints and know when and how to respectfully disagree.


Defying the physical distances and time differences between different parts of the world, our team works to achieve the organizational goals. We show resilience as we navigate our personal lives along with college and work, whilst pursuing our passion to fight for a sustainable future at LEARNBLUE.

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Our Gen Z Leads

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Joshua Gabriel Oluwaseyi

Executive Director
Joshua Gabriel Oluwaseyi is a Nigerian Climate Activist, Creative Director, Internationally acclaimed Social Entrepreneur, Tech Enthusiast and Founder, LEARNBLUE

Swati Chauhan

Director of Creative Writing
Fascinated by nature and social sciences, Swati is a proficient contributor to the NGO’s content creation, studying the various topics in Economics

Oscar Dohr

Director of Global Communties
Oscar is Founder of Smart Vaccine ID and works in NGO Consulting and Management. Oscar is currently with LEARNBLUE as Director of Global Communities

Tanya Singh

Director of Creative Writing
Tanya (they/them) are a published poet, essayist, educator, editor, & visual artist — navigating life as a transgender non-binary individual in India with struggle and resistance.
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Dave Allen

Director of Volunteering
Dave (he/him) is Lead Recruiter and Director of Volunteering for LEARNBLUE, with an Masters Degree in Comparative Literature at the University of Edinburgh.

David Onilude

Director of Technologies
David is Founder of Tech Now Global, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science, David is a serial volunteer for sustainable development causes.

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