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We work with individuals in different countries to make sure that young people learn the fundamentals of Global Goals, apply their knowledge to solve issues in their immediate communities and promote INDIVIDUAL ACTION.


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Data Gathered with Social Listening Tool, and Google Forms. This Info is Valid Up to December 2020

Our Generation

We Are Generation Z

AKA ‘Digital Natives‘, AKA ‘The Plurals‘ are individuals born after the year 1996. We make up 32% of the world’s population, that is there’s about 224 Million of us and we are the size of a country and WHEN WE ALL TAKE INDIVIDUAL ACTION, WE MAKE CHANGE!

The gen z squad

Spread globally across India, Switzerland, Nigeria, United States of America, France & United Arab Emirates, these are the Gen Z individual who are often unseen but are drive ing the work we do. THEY ARE LEARNBLUE.

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