We are LearnBlue!

We aim to inspire Gen-Z contributions to creating effective solutions that help address the UN sustainable development goals. With an acute emphasis on climate change, poverty, and lack of quality education worldwide. In the effort to create a global network of dedicated and motivated Gen-Z individuals.

Our strategic priorities for 2020 are:
  • Educating Gen Z on sustainable development
  • Running strategic campaigns to raise awareness on global disasters
  • Creating local/high-school chapters for grass root level impact
  • Recruit the best and most committed Gen-Z members to help lead this change

Who is Gen-Z?

Known as Digital natives and “the Plurals”, Gen-Z consists of individuals born after 1996.

We make up 32% of the 7 billion people on Earth and the biggest Volunteer Generation!

A Quality Education grants us the ability to fight the war on ignorance and poverty.
~Charles B. Rangel

How we thrive!

LearnBlue and the LearnBlue community thrives on volunteers & DONORs to maximize impact and reach even the most remote Gen-Z groups worldwide. As such we are constantly recruiting volunteers and will be accepting donations soon.

Much like Gen-Z and our team, our volunteer selection process is a quite fluid. Based on a rolling admission model, if you’re interested click below to find out more.

Learn Blue ambassadors are a Global conglomerate of Gen-Z activist who have taken charge to solve world issues. If you want, you can contribute too!

Join Us as a Volunteer

Staff Member, Chapter, and Regional Leads, or even just advocating for sustainable development in your city.

Sponsor our campaigns

For just a small amount you could help sponsor outreach campaigns spreading awareness of sustainable development, your donations are not tax deductible yet.

Catch us on social media!

Here’s where it all goes down! Literally! Online, where Gen-Z lives, we make the most impact.

Global Volunteers Needed